Dr. Hauschka Facials

The Dr. Hauschka classical treatment is a therapeutic facial that “transcends the ordinary”. This healing facial is based on the power of purity and the support of life-giving cycles. Respiration and circulation are balanced as the skin is cleansed and rejuvenated.

The unique aspect of this treatment is lymphatic stimulation (facial massage using soft brushes) that promotes cleansing and strengthens the rhythmic system and connective tissue.

The classical treatment also includes a relaxing sage foot bath, warm compresses, facial steam, deep cleansing, (extractions as needed), two masks, with a soothing eye treatment and facial massage using organic aromatic oils.

Body, mind, and spirit leave the treatment renewed and refreshed evidenced in your glowing and refined complexion.


Consultation fee is $25 and will be applied to the cost of the facial.

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